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Friday, October 07, 2005

Things to Do, Places to Go- Today

So, I'm at work today. Want to see my list of things that must be accomplished? In no particular order of importance, there is:

Homework for tonight's class. Some questions from the chapter end to answer and a 1-pager paper.

Haircut. I'm way past due for getting a trim.

Purchase coffee for the coffee bar at work. That means a trip to Sam's Club.

Purchase ammo for the SKS, 7.63 X 39. Lots of it because there's a shooting trip planned for tomorrow. It needs a carry case too. That's a trip to Sportsmans Whorehouse Warehouse or Impact Guns.

Contact Steve about the status of the Escort and see if its ready to be picked up.

I should buy more .223 ammo and a brick of 22LR as well…

Maybe I'll get time to finish that Purchase Request for the tech data I'm trying to get updated...

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